LTE Tips

Letter to the Editor Tips

Steps to drafting a smart letter to the editor (LTE).  Usually LTE are around 250 words. When you submit a draft, expect 2-3 weeks for it to be published.  It’s usually helpful to follow up with the editor two weeks after your initial submission.  These are some helpful narrative tips below.  This narrative is constructed to urge a specific action, in this case the City or County to pass a resolution.  Your ask may be different.

State the big picture

“We are awash in discarded plastic. Plastic pollution has a devastating effect on the earth’s oceans, marine life, and ultimately, human health”.

Provide some facts

“Plastic is non-biodegradable and breaks down into toxic microplastics, entering the food chain when ingested by marine life. By the year 2050, scientists estimate that there will be “more plastic than fish in the ocean.”

Give it local context

“In Savannah, where we depend so heavily upon the tourism and outdoor recreation industries, protection of our natural resources is vital to our economic health. According to a recent survey, 95% of residents and 100% of tourists believe that plastic litter is a problem in Savannah”.

Provide some emotion

“It’s critical that we protect this important habitat from plastic pollution by reducing the amount of single-use plastics being produced at the source”.

Give them an action to consider taking

“We need Savannah, Chatham County, and Georgia to break free from plastic while we still have time to reverse this crisis.  Our leaders should pass a resolution to work towards plastic reduction in our community”.